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There are some things we definitely take for granted in life, and one of them would have to be our ability to hear. As soon as you notice that your hearing is starting to go downhill you really appreciate what you once had and start wondering if you’ll ever be able to get that type of quality back again.

One of the key areas we really notice our hearing going is when we’re talking with friends or family, or watching the TV. These are everyday things that we rely on and once our hearing starts to disappear, we realize just how important the interactions are to our everyday life.

If you’ve noticed that your hearing has become impaired and you want an alternative solution, a hearing amplifier is the next natural step. These simple gadgets will amplify close range sounds around you and give you an alternative to hearing aids or other accessories that make life a lot more enjoyable again.

Williams Sound PockeTalker AA Review

Williams Sound makes all kinds of gadgets and accessories to help people regain their hearing and their PockeTalk is a best seller. We’re here to review if it really does everything it promises and whether or not it could be the solution you’ve been searching for to get your hearing back on track.

Williams Sound Pocketalk

When it comes to hearing aids and accessories, you really only want to rely on a brand who specializes in that field. Williams Sound is one of these brands and they have a great selection of devices that are designed to bring some quality back into your life and make it easier to hear things that you once took for granted.

Using a sound amplifier like their PockeTalk means you won’t struggle to hear basic conversations or watch TV anymore. With a simple design that uses your standard headphones to work, you won’t feel as though you’re using anything too complicated just to get your hearing back to a normal level.

Investing in a sound amplifier like the Williams Sound PockeTalk is a great first step for people who have noticed their hearing starting to fail. When you invest in this revolutionary hearing device, you’ll benefit from such features as:

  • ​Amplified close sounds and reduces background noise;
  • ​Super loud 40dB gain;
  • ​Tone and volume controls;
  • Works with 2 x AA batteries for 100 hours of life;
  • Comes with a bundle including battery pack, mini earbud, extension cord and more;
  • Compact size fits in your pocket;

​Many people don’t realize just how bad their hearing has gotten until they try out a device like the Williams Sound PockeTalk. This accessory is ideal for everyday life as it helps you amplify the sounds of one on one conversations or the movie you’re watching and drowns out the background noise that can make it so hard to hear clearly.

Pros And Cons

This is a natural next step for people who have noticed a decline in their hearing and it’s so versatile you can even use it with a hearing aid if you wish. Thanks to the earbud design, you’ll get hear to people better who are up close and cancel out all background noise so you won’t have to worry about not knowing what’s going on any longer.

Williams Sound PockeTalker Reviews

The fact that the battery lasts up to 100 hours is quite amazing, as you’ll only really be wearing these as needed. It’s a pretty straightforward device to use with any standard headphones working with it so if you have some that you already like or find comfortable, they’ll be compatible with the PockeTalk.

Some reviewers have commented on the design and the fact that it could do with a makeover. There are quite a few cords to manage and some are longer lengths than others, so you’ll need to spend some time during setup to get them all organized. For elderly people, it may be best to have someone else to help you get your Williams Sound PockeTalk ready for use.

Where To Get Your Williams Sound Pocket Amplifier

Having a device like this could be a real lifesaver for some people, so if you want to get your own Williams Sound Pocket Amplifier then you can do so on Amazon. The current retail price on Amazon is around $140 which is a current reduction of about 30%, so you’re able to save yourself $60 from the usual purchase price.

For those who want to get more than one, you will receive further discounts when you buy in bulk. This could be great for nursing homes or houses where more than one person needs hearing assistance, so you have a chance to save quite a bit of money if you have a need to get more than the one.

Williams Sound PockeTalker Review

This price from Amazon also gets you free shipping straight to your door and at no extra cost. Williams Sound offers a lengthy five-year warranty as well, so you can relax knowing you’re investing in a hearing device that will really last you a long time. All in all, it’s great value for money and comes with a complete bundle of accessories to make it worth your while.

The Verdict

There’s no shame in noticing a decline in your hearing, but the easiest fix is to use a Williams Sound PockeTalk amplifier that will make life a little easier. This device lets you hear the important stuff while drowning out the background noise and can seriously improve your quality of life.

When we can’t hear as well as we used to, we miss out on so many things that we used to enjoy. To get yourself the Williams Sound PockeTalk and get some of this quality back in your everyday life, click here to check them out.

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