What Is The Hearing Loss Association Of America?

What Is The Hearing Loss Association Of America?

In the late 1970's, Howard E. "Rocky" Stone came up with the idea for creating a nationwide organization dedicated to representing and helping those dealing with hearing loss. By 1979, the Hearing Loss Association of America emerged, and it has only grown ever since.

The Hearing Loss Association of America, which is otherwise known as HLAA, is meant to cater to your hearing needs and connect you with the people that can get you there. HLAA plans and helps to get the word out regarding certain programs and events that cater to hearing loss patients.

People Talking At Work

The programs offered are some of the tools that HLAA provides its members, so you don’t have to worry about being alone in your hearing loss journey.

Regional Associations

Everyone's definition of support isn’t the same, which is why HLAA offers a variety of programs that go from a national to a local scale. Some people prefer to be a part of something grand, while others prefer the intimacy of local chapters.

When you take a look at the map of HLAA chapters found throughout America, you’ll notice how there is a large amount of them in cities. So near major cities, you’ll find numerous chapters for you to join and attend meetings.

However, if you live near the midwest of America, good luck finding a chapter because they seem to be sparse in that region. When you think about, there isn't much noise pollution in those areas, and they aren't densely populated. Because of the surrounding environment and lack of people, their ears end up not being damaged early on in life.

You could always start your own chapter in the town you reside in. If you have enough support behind you and can pay the fees, you will readily earn the title as being an HLAA Chapter. 

The HLAA also sponsors several walks that are dedicated to hearing loss. Once you become a chapter, you can get together with other neighboring HLAA chapters and start planning for a walk.

Getting involved in a pre-existing Chapter organization can be your reality. All you have to do is go on the HLAA official website and check out their map of a national network of chapters and state organizations. You can easily find a chapter near you and become part of something great that addresses a condition that affects you or someone close to you.

The Hearing Loss Association of America is one of the few organizations to reach the grassroots community, which explains why we’ve noticed an increase in cases in these rural areas. Because of this, the HLAA wants to see more chapters to pop up in these rural areas.

Before you become a chapter you need to become a member, and below is the relevant information for doing so.

Becoming A Member

You have six membership options when you’re initially trying to join the Hearing Loss Association of America, so it’s a good idea to go through the benefits of each one before you finalize your decision.

List Of Membership Options

  • Individual: $35
  • Couple/Family: $45
  • check
    Student: $20
  • check
    Professional: $60
  • Nonprofit Organization or Library: $50
  • check
    Corporate: $300

If you’re a single person who wants to become part of something greater, the individual membership option would be excellent for you. You will receive discounts on hearing aids, a bimonthly magazine subscription, discounted rates to the annual HLAA convention, and much more.

Those looking for an association of medical professionals with hearing loss should apply for the professional membership option. Your name will be listed in the HLAA Directory, which is an excellent way to gain patients.

How Can It Help You?

HLAA was made for one sole purpose, which is to bridge the gap between those who can’t hear and information that’s relevant to them. The pillars that HLAA stands by are education, advocacy, support, and information, which is beneficial to anyone with a hearing condition.

Even if you don’t have a hearing loss condition but know someone who does, you could understand what they’re going through if you equip yourself with the relevant knowledge. Regardless whether you are an adult or a child, HLAA will provide the tools you require to help yourself.

Beneficial For Your Health

HLAA will go out of its way to make sure you comprehend the causes, remedies, and genetics behind hearing loss. You can bet that HLAA will also have the latest information regarding all the medical and technological advances made in the hearing loss field.

Sometimes a doctor won’t know what's exactly wrong with your hearing, but having a channel of communication open to people coping with the same conditions is an effective way of pinpointing what’s wrong with your ear health.

At the end of the day, the hearing loss association wants to help you make the best decision for yourself without having to sacrifice your sanity and well-being. 

By being part of the HLAA, you'll be advocating for social issues that affect those with hearing loss. HLAA wants communication access in schools, medical facilities, hotels, and the workplace, so no one feels inadequate while they are doing everyday tasks.

Addressing Issues

HLAA also voices concern for improving the design of hearing aids and other devices that people who have trouble hearing can benefit from.

Putting Hearing Aid In Ear

The main lesson you’ll immediately take away from HLAA is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to vocalize your hearing loss problems anywhere you are.

You could be at work, school, or attending a social event, and you mentioning that you're suffering from hearing loss shouldn't be something to avoid. You would be informing people as to which way they could optimally communicate with you.


The Hearing Loss Association of America dedicates itself towards the betterment of those with hearing conditions that affect how they live. We believe that attaching yourself to such an Association will increase your chances of recovery or at least serve to be some positive force in your life.

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