How To Safely Clean Your Ears

How To Safely Clean Your Ears

Our ears are one of the most important body parts we have and responsible for good hearing. Even though we know how sensitive they can be, we still don’t take enough care when we’re cleaning them and many people don’t understand about the safety precautions they should take.

Learning how to safely clean your ears is just as important as learning how to drive a car or use a washing machine. These are life skills that we need to get by, and doing them incorrectly could have disastrous results. Ears are sensitive, and they require a lot of care when cleaning them or treating them.

We’re here to teach you how to clean out your ears in a safe and hygienic manner that will enable you to hear better and reduce the damage you’re doing to your body.  Ear wax plays an important role in our bodies and learning a little more about its benefits will show you just how useful it can be.

What Is Ear Wax?

removing the earwax

Thinking about ear wax isn’t necessarily the nicest things to do. It’s often thought of as gross or embarrassing, especially when it’s visible to others. Ear wax often gets a bad rap even though it does a lot of good for us, and it’s because of how it looks, feels, and smells at times.

The medical term for ear wax is cerumen and this natural substance is part of everyone. The composition for ear wax is quite off-putting though, and it’s believed to be made up of a mixture of sweat, dead skin cells, and dirt. Although it’s definitely gross, it has a lot of benefits to our body and is highly protective in nature.

Earwax is made of all of these things in the outer ear canal which is the area in between what you can see in the ear and the middle ear that’s not visible. There are glands within this canal that create cerumen which then moves down and into the outer ear canal and sometimes right to the opening.

How Much Is Too Much?

Everyone makes ear wax, that’s true, but the type and volume we create differ for everyone. Some people might feel as though they have an overabundance of ear wax and they can never clean their ears enough, and others will rarely see any.

There are many reasons why a body might create more ear wax than someone else, and it’s possible it has to do with stress or fear levels. What is known though, is that those who regularly clean out their ears in an effort to get rid of wax will find their body making more to compensate for the loss.

The Benefits Of Ear Wax

benefits of ear wax removal

Our bodies are pretty intelligent beings and they don’t usually do things without a purpose. Our ears create wax for many reasons, so although you might think it’s gross, it’s actually quite helpful in terms of bodily functions.

Our body is a wonderful thing and as the ears are self-cleaning parts, there’s really no need to worry too much about earwax. Remind yourself of the many benefits it offers and take some time to check out your ear’s appearance, as it could just be a simple matter of washing it with a cloth next time you’re having a shower or bath.
  • Earwax in our canals acts as a protective barrier which prevents anything nasty or dangerous from getting deep into the ears, like bacteria. The sticky nature of it actually helps to pick up small bits of debris, dirt, and anything else that tries to enter the inner ear.
  • Ears are sensitive and without the soft coating of ear wax, they can become quickly inflamed and itchy. This leads to infections and breaking skin, which is another great benefit of sticky ear wax.
  • Ear wax is a natural insect repellant as the smell itself actually keeps insects at bay. Those who aren’t put off by the smell and try to crawl in while inevitably become caught in the ear wax that resides within the canal.

The Best Way To Clean Ears Safely

Not many people realize it, but our ears are actually self-cleaning body parts. This means, you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to them and certainly shouldn’t be sticking cotton tips deep down into the canal. Here are some tips to follow for cleaning your ears:

  • When taking a shower or bath, use a warm, soapy cloth to clean behind them and around the edges of your ear.
  • If you feel comfortable you can let some of the warm water run into your ears by standing under the faucet. This will be enough to loosen up any earwax that’s ready to come out.
  • If you want to learn how to clean out your ears or how to flush your ears, it’s best to see a medical professional. There are some over the counter ear cleaning kits available that may also be safe to use.
  • If you experience any symptoms like pain, bleeding, hearing loss, or the feeling that something is lodged inside the canal, never attempt to resolve these on your own and always see a medical professional.
  • Make a point to have your hearing tested intermittently to maintain good ear health, and during these sessions, they can also look into your ears and give you some insight about your wax production.

Taking Care Of This Important Body Part

Without our ears, we would be pretty lost, so it’s important to take care of them each day. Too many people dangerous stick objects or “cleaning” tools into their ears without any idea about the harm they could be doing.

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