A Guide To Buying The Best Hearing Aid Batteries

A Guide To Buying The Best Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are necessary for senior citizens that are suffering from minor to severe hearing loss. They will help you gain life in your hearing and will help you manage your hearing loss effectively.

Fortunately, there are high-quality hearing aid batteries that are sold on today's market. In this guide, we'll help you by reviewing the highest qualities batteries that are available.

So let’s get started!

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Best 312 Hearing Aid Batteries

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675

Best 312 Hearing Aid Batteries

Winner: Duracell Activar Hearing Aid Batteries 312


  • EasyTab Included
  • 1.45 Volt Batteries
  • Long lasting reliable power for the hearing aid
  • check
    80 Batteries Total

The Duracell Activar Hearing Aid Batteries 312 are the best-rated hearing aid batteries in Amazon's market. It's easy to open, compact, and allows users to change out their batteries quickly. You can get this at Amazon at a price around $22.

To fully utilize the battery, you’ll have to disengage it when you’re not using it for a period of time. The most common reasons why the battery dies out is when users wear it overnight. So make sure to turn it off at certain times to keep the battery in good condition and extend its lifespan.

One reason why consumers regard these Duracell batteries as the best 312 hearing aid batteries is due to their quality. When looking at the batteries, you’ll see the words “Zinc Air” which indicates that they are a special type of alkaline batteries that use a oxygen for the cathode. This allows the batteries to respond quickly to user input and work when needed.

If you want your batteries to last longer, make sure that you wait at least 2 minutes after removing the tab from the batteries. Doing so will help the batteries stay effective once you start using them as hearing aids.

The EasyTab is another feature that helps users get the best hearing aid quality possible. The tab seals each battery and helps in the installation and removal process. And, you don’t have to wry about dropping the batteries when inserting them, which is a good bonus!

However, there are some flaws that some users tend to experience when using these batteries. Some of them stated that the batteries would last less than a week during its operation. So, we suggest that you protect your batteries and get replacements if this issue occurs.

Duracell Activair Hearing Aid Batteries

So, the Duracell Activar Hearing Aid Batteries 312 is the best hearing aid batteries 312 available. Since it comes with over 80 batteries, you’ll have enough power to improve your hearing. Buy them today if you want a reliable pair of batteries that aren’t a hassle to install.

Runner Up: Amazon Basics Hearing Aid Batteries 312


  • Use 10 minutes after removing the sealing tab
  • Mercury-free
  • 2-3 Year Shelf Life
  • check
    Complete flat drain curve
  • check
    60-pack Batteries

The Amazon Basics Hearing Aid Batteries 312 is a great device for those who need high-quality batteries to assist their hearing. Its cell design helps provide high-quality performance and due to its premium formulations that stop early battery tones. You can get on Amazon at a price about $14.

If you want the best hearing aid batteries size 312, we suggest you start with the Amazon Basics. With over 10 perforated cards of durable batteries, you can transport your batteries and keep your hearing aid charged and ready to go when you need them the most.

AmazonBasics Hearing Aid Batteries A312

Best hearing aid batteries 312 reviews rated this battery highly because they feel that its one that they can rely on. It's improved durability provides a high energy density and produces a flat drain curve.

This means that you can get the most out of all 60 batteries and avoid the issue of expired batteries.

And, it’s battery formula is designed to enhance the hearing aid’s performance while keeping your ears safe.

It gives a clear sound by delivering a high voltage to power to the hearing aid. 

Thus, you won’t have any problem getting the hearing quality needed to hear others around you.

The Amazon Basics Hearing Aid generates its power by oxidizing oxygen and zinc together to increase your hearing quality. To use this device, remove the tab seal to activate it. Once activated, you’ll be able to hear properly from start to finish.

But, there are a few flaws associated with this hearing aid. Some customers disapproved of the hearing aid tabs due to their size. The tabs are too small, making it difficult for users with larger hands to install it properly.

Still, the Amazon Basics Hearing Aid is the best price hearing aid batteries 312. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also have the performance, reception, and quality to back it up. So try to obtain these batteries if you're serious about improving your hearing!

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13

Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries


  • 1.45 Volt Batteries
  • Orange Tab
  • 60 Batteries Total
  • check
    2-3 Year Shelf Life

Third on our list is the Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 13 Hearing Batteries. These batteries have 1.45 volts of power which are enough to help the user's hearing. If you're in need of a robust pair of batteries that help keep your hearing intact, you can buy the Royvac Batteries on Amazon at a price around $18.

On average, the batteries have a life span of about 2 weeks. In fact, one user reviewed the product stated that the hearing aids worked for up to 7 months! This is due to the batteries having an advanced-zinc hbattery construction and a longer lifespan than its competitors.

High drain hearing aids usually require more air flow to keep them supported. Fortunately, the Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries have an "Air Management System" that combines diffusion control elements, vent hole designs, and the air cathode to provide a consistent amount of air flow throughout its battery life.

Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries (60 Batteries)

As a result, this gives the battery the amount of aid needed to function properly and maximize battery power, without showing any reduction in performance. This results in a  consistent, high performing hearing aid battery that supplements the user’s hearing every time.

At first glance, you'll receive over 60 batteries total. That means you'll have 30 charges for both of your ears. Thus, making them a great pair of batteries for users who want to keep their hearing in tact.

However, there are some issues with this device. Some consumers dislike the hearing aids' short life span. There are some reports about the batteries lasting over 5-10 hours before shutting off. Check the expiration date of the batteries before using them to ensure that they last as expected.

Mainly, the Rayovac Extra Advanced Size 13 Hearing Aid Batteries are the best hearing aid batteries size 13 that money can buy. Not only are they good for short-term hearing, but they also have enough battery power to enhance the sounds around you.

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 10

Power One Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries


  • P10 Zinc Air Batteries
  • Germany Genuine Product
  • 10 x 6 pack batteries (60 total)
  • check
    1.4 Volts Batteries

Next up is the Power One Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries. These batteries are known for their P10 Zinc Air, durability, and long-term usage. For those that are interested, you can get these batteries on Amazon at a price about $14.

First, shoppers noticed that these batteries last longer than competing devices. For instance, they tend to run for at least 6-7 days before needing a replacement. Since you have over 60 batteries, it will take at least 3 months before getting a new set of batteries. So expect to use them for a long time!

Power One Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries

As we’ve stated earlier, the batteries work better if the user follows the instructions. Simply keep them out for at least 3-5 minutes after removing them from the tab. This helps activate the battery and helps them last longer.

Plus, these batteries have more power than over size 10 hearing aid batteries.

They have a 100 mAh power rating, making them last longer and increase the sensitivity to your hearing. Try them if you want high-quality hearing aids to help support your ears no matter the location. 

On the other hand, there are some complaints about this devices. Shoppers stated that half of the batteries don't work as advertised. Always check your batteries to gauge their power and seek a replacement box if they don't match your standards or help your hearing.

Basically, the Power One Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries are the best hearing aid batteries size 10. They have enough power to keep your ears functioning at a high-end level. Get these batteries if you want your hearing to stay intact while having enough extra batteries to take with you on extended trips.

Best Hearing Aid Batteries Size 675

Duracell Size 675 Hearing Aid Batteries


  • Easy Tab Insertion
  • Zinc-Air Batteries
  • 60 Batteries
  • check
    9.6 Ounces

Last on our list is the Duracell Size 675 Hearing Aid Batteries. These batteries feature an EasyTab insert that helps users install it faster than rival devices. If you need a high-quality hearing aid battery, this one is sold at Amazon at a price around $20.

The batteries are standard zinc-air batteries and have an acceptable lifespan. These batteries are known to survive within extreme conditions (intense heat, cold, etc.), making them very durable for users who need hearing aid batteries when traveling abroad.

Not to mention, these batteries have an extra long tab that's simple to handle. This makes it easier for users to install the battery and place it into their hearing aids. Due to its lightweight packaging, it's easy to open and get started immediately.

When placed in storage, the Duracell Size 675 Hearing Aid Batteries have a lifespan of 4 years. And the batteries are color-coded, making it easier to find the right size for you. While these 675 sized batteries are blue, they have other sizes (Yellow - 10, Brown - 312, Orange - 13) available.

Also, these batteries are recommended by the Arthritis foundation due to their ease of use. You’ll also get a piece of mind that knowing that Duracell is the #1 trusted brand for batteries. Thus, these batteries are guaranteed to perform well and keep your hearing on point.

Duracell Size 675 Hearing aid batteries

There have been reports about the batteries' packaging. Some users were irate that the batteries were past their expiration date. Before opening them, check the battery pack for their expiration date to ensure that they work correctly.

Buyers have stated that the Duracell Size 675 Hearing aid batteries are the best hearing aid batteries size 675. They are easy to use, have a lifespan of 24 hours per battery, and are proven to increase your hearing. We suggest that you get them today if you want the best quality hearing aids in the market.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Product

New shoppers tend to ask “what are the best hearing aid batteries?”

The correct answer is "It Depends."

Keep reading this section to find the most important things to consider when getting your first hearing aid battery.

Type Of Battery You Need

Previously, hearing aid batteries used to produce small amounts of mercury. This battery was used to help stabilize and connect the internal components. However, this is not the case for modern hearing aid batteries.

The most popular form of hearing aid batteries is the zinc-air button battery. Despite the increase of rechargeable batteries within the market, zinc button batteries are designed to show their maximum power and performance.

Hearing aid batteries.

Zinc air batteries use air activation so that the hearing aid batteries will come with a tab or a sticker. This ensures that the batteries remain fresh as possible. Remember, only remove the tab when you're ready to place them inside your hearing aid; once they are removed from the tab, the battery is activated.


Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes and have different power needs. As a rule of thumb, the larger the hearing aid, the larger the batteries needed to ensure that they work. For people that have more severe hearing losses, they’ll need more powerful batteries to help their hearing.

There are five sizes that are available in the market. The sizes range from smallest to largest (5, 13, 10, 312, and 675). Size 5 batteries are the smallest and are rarely used. The most common sized hearing aid batteries are smaller than a dime.


Approximate Dimensions

Size 10

5.8 mm x 3.6 mm

Size 312

7.9 mm x 3.6 mm

Size 13

7.9 mm x 5.4 mm

Size 675

11.6 mm x 5.4 mm

Because the size differences can be difficult to remember, the batteries are color-coded to help users select and purchase the right sizes for their ear.

How Long They Last

Usually, larger batteries have a longer lifespan than smaller batteries. This is because they require more power to help assist a user’s hearing. Here is the average time for most hearing aid batteries that are currently out:

  • Size 675: 9-20 Days
  • Size 13: 6-14 Days
  • Size 312: 3-10 Days
  • Size 10: 3-7 Days

We suggest that you keep a pair of backup batteries at all times. This will give you an extra pair of batteries in the event that your current batteries lose their power. If your current battery runs out of power, remove the battery quickly because it will be harder to remove after they've run out.

Hearing Loss

The degree of hearing loss will impact how much amplification the aid provides. The more severe the hearing damage, the more amplification the hearing aid needs to help you hear. This will increase the current and reduce the battery life.


When your battery is placed at a lower temperature, the less voltage, it will consume. Placing the battery in freezer temperatures will shorten its lifespan. Also, placing the batteries in extremely hot temperatures will accelerate chemical reactions inside the battery cell. So you should keep it at room temperature to help improve the battery's lifespan.



If you live in a dry climate, such as Colorado, or an area where you use a furnace frequently, this will cause the hearing aid batteries to lose power quickly. Areas with high humidity will cause your batteries to absorb moisture, cause leakage, and reduce battery life.


Your oxygen percentage decrease as the temperature increases. Your zinc-air battery will require power to work. So a lower oxygen level leads to a shorter battery life.


Now, hearing aid batteries are free from mercury, which makes them safer for the environment when disposing them in the garbage. Don't dispose of the batteries in a fire because it will cause a rupture; this will cause it to release internal ingredients.

Shelf Life

When stored, your hearing aid batteries can last for around 2-4 years. We suggest that you store them in an enclosed space that's at room temperature. This will improve the shelf life of your batteries and allow them to be used.

Here are some tips to help extend the shelf life of your batteries.

  • When opening a new pack of batteries, don't open the plastic tabs until you're ready to use them. The batteries use zinc-air; meaning that they activate when exposed by air. Once the tab is removed, the battery is ready to go.
  • When you have to replace your hearing aid battery, wash your hands. Dirt and grease on your hearing batteries can bring damage to the device.
  • Once the plastic tab is removed, give the battery at least 1 minute to get started before installing it. This gives the battery enough air to fully power up before it’s installed on the hearing aid.
  • Anytime your hearing aid is not used, turn it off completely. Then, you should place it in a safe location and keep the battery door open. This will reduce the battery drain and lets the moisture escape.
  • This will prevent the battery from damaging and corroding your hearing aid. If you aren’t planning on wearing your hearing aid for more than 2-3 days, then completely remove the battery.
  • You also need to know where you can store your hearing aids. The batteries should be placed in a battery caddy or in their original packaging. Don't place them near metal objects like keys and coins as it can short-circuit the battery and reduce their lifespan. Don't store the batteries near pets or children, as it can increase their chances of getting an injury.

Ease Of Installation

Most hearing aid batteries come with a tab to help you install it easier. Here are some extra tips to help you utilize the batteries:

Like every battery, hearing aid batteries can last for a long time (3-6 years), but each passing year the batteries will reduce in power. Newer hearing aid battery packages will always have the strongest power.

Hearing aid battery installation.

There are some low-quality brands that sell hearing aid batteries. However, they are harder to install due to the lack of tabs, or extremely small sizes. Always check for a tab to ensure that you can install your batteries faster.

Some hearing aid companies have a rechargeable hearing aids and rechargeable batteries, but they aren't as useful as their zinc counterparts.

How To Recycle Old Batteries

Search for battery collection centers to ensure that your batteries are recycled or disposed of reponsibly. Certain places such as civic buildings, retail, schools, offices, and other public places to help you record your batteries.


To conclude, having the right hearing aid batteries will help you or your loved one hear better. When looking for your batteries, make sure that they have the correct size so that they fit your hearing aid. Once you select the right one, you’ll be able to reduce your hearing loss and hear the outside world more clearly!

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