Best 3 Online Hearing Tests

Best 3 Online Hearing Tests

City dwellers begin to lose their hearing gradually, so you don't notice it in your daily life. If you prefer to blast your headphones while you're taking public transport, you could be setting yourself up for hearing failure.

If you suspect that your hearing has changed, the first thing you should do is take a hearing test. A majority of the time, people put off taking a hearing test until it is too late. It would be wise for you to continue reading so you can figure out which are the best online hearing tests to address your health needs.

Online Hearing Tests

Sometimes going to the doctor isn’t an option because it might be too expensive or you don’t have the right insurance. Thankfully, when it comes to your ear health, you will be happy to hear that you don’t need a doctor to take a hearing test. You can take one in the comfort of your home without having to dish out several hundred dollars.

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Before you take a hearing test online, you need to understand the difference between the various tests offered online. For instance, the tests found online can be calibrated or uncalibrated.

What Are Calibrated Tests?

To comprehend your absolute hearing threshold, you should rely on calibrated tests. If you’ve ever had to take a hearing test where you’ve put on special headphones and had to raise your hand whenever you heard a sound, then you can say that you’ve taken a calibrated hearing test.

People originally thought that you couldn’t take calibrated hearing tests online because the headphones that everyone uses tend to have a flat frequency curve within the range that’s followed in the test.

Thankfully, technology has improved to the point that some headphones are more than capable of administering such exams. However, you need to calibrate your computer and headphones, so you know that the frequency that the computer says it's emitting is true.

You would require special equipment to do so, such as a calibrated microphone and sound level meter as well as a room that's completely silent.

To avoid having to having to spend all that money purchasing equipment for the hearing test, you can implement an easy trick. You would need to produce a particular sound in your room.

That sound, such as rubbing your hands together, would serve as a constant variable that would be the base for you to adjust the output level of your computer, so it matches the same frequency as that of your hands.

Many websites who now offer calibrated tests online use this method since it is cost effective and you still get professional quality results.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what calibrated online hearing tests are, you can now further your education to learning about non-calibrated tests.

What Are Non-Calibrated Tests?

Non-calibrated hearing tests don't have an exact point of reference, so the way it is administered is different. For some it may surprise you that people use this method as a hearing test, so you should give both a try before you decide to go to a doctor.

When you take this type of test, you’ll have to turn up the volume of your computer until you can readily hear the sounds being emitted. Don’t assume this action is the same thing as calibrating your system, which explains why this exam can only predict your hearing loss when it takes into consideration the other factors that it tests.

For instance, if you’ve developed loss across the whole sound frequency range, then a non-calibrated test won’t come in handy. Only when you can’t hear in specific frequency ranges can a non-calibrated frequency hearing test detect such an irregularity.

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If you wish to test the dynamic hearing range of your ears, then this is the online test for you. I would highly recommend that you give both the calibrated and uncalibrated test a try before you jump to any conclusions.

Let’s continue to help you find your ideal online hearing test, so you can finally figure out what’s going on in your ears.

List Of The Best Online Hearing Tests

Finding a hearing test online can be a challenge because you want to make sure that you’re taking the correct one. The last thing you need happening is that you take a hearing test incorrectly and give yourself a score you shouldn’t have.

AudioCheck High-Frequency Range Test

AudioCheck is classified as being a calibrated exam, but only to speech levels. Because it does so, it can test your hearing way passed the frequency range typical of a classic ENT hearing exam.

In fact, this exam will begin when the standard test ends, which is 8 kHz. All of the musicians out there will find that this is the proper exam for you because your ears experience some heavy damage as the years go by.

Running AudioCheck is fairly simple. All you need to play is one audio file that counts from 22 kHz all the way down to 8 kHz. You do not want to go above 22 kHz because that number is the limit of the human hearing ability.

There will be a tone that plays to mark the end of the test, which will only be audible to kids and those with extremely adept hearing. Once that sine tone decreases, eventually the pure tone will set in. The voice over will tell you the frequency of that tone, which will be your hearing limit.

This limit will decrease as you get old, which is perfectly natural. Those who can't hear the sine tone at all should be aware that they can't hear in higher frequencies anymore. If you find that this is true, you should then run the hearing test we are about to go into detail below.

Hearing Test Online

Out of all the hearing tests, you'll find online, the one that ensures optimal results is the calibrated HearingTestOnline. To use it, you need to follow a strict set of instructions, but once you got the hang of it, you'll have a reliable source to test your hearing ability. 

The rules you have to follow should ring a bell because it is the hand rubbing trick that we went into detail above in the calibrated online hearing test section.

Non-governmental organizations use this online hearing test in developing countries, especially in rural areas. This exam is extremely accurate and produces results similar to what a professional ENT hearing test would deliver.

Nessa Online Hearing Test

The Nessa Hearing Test is also calibrated and uses similar technology to that found in the HearingTestOnline. However, one difference in the Nessa Test is that you won't hear those standard synthetic tones. You'll hear nature sounds!

Taking Online Hearing Test

Everything from a cat meowing to a dog barking can be heard when you take the Nessa Hearing Test. On top of being fun to take, this exam also is a lot easier to understand.

You won't be presented with an audiogram that goes into great depth about your results. In fact, you'll be presented with a text description of your results. Having to read a bunch of words is one hundred percent much more straightforward than having to deal with accurately reading an audiogram.


The three online hearing tests we have mentioned above are the only three that are worth your time. Any other test you may find online might not be accurate, which puts your ear health at risk. If you take your body seriously, you should only expose it to exams that will correctly infer what's going on.

The first online hearing test you should take is the HearingTestOnline, and then continue to take either the Nessa or AudioCheck Hearing Test. Taking all three is not excessive, and you should consider doing so.

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