Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Aid Review

Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Aid Review

If you’ve had issues with your hearing and you’ve done many trips to the audiologist, you were certainly shown a couple of hearing amplifiers whose prices went upwards of $1,000. That’s how audiologists (and other doctors involved) butter their bread.

What no-one tells you is that you don’t actually need the most expensive hearing amplifier on the market to hear again. A cheaper one is no less efficient than a high-priced one.

Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Aid Parts

Let us introduce you to what we think will be your go-to hearing solution in the future -  the Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Amplifier.

About The Product

Behind-the-ear hearing amplifiers are usually uncomfortable and a tad too obvious. However, these two disadvantages do not necessarily apply to all of them. Some can be quite stylish and enjoyable.

Luckily for you, Banglijian’s hearing amplifier has both qualities. On one hand, it is affordable. On the other hand, its color has the natural tone of the skin; therefore, it won’t be too eye-catchy.

In addition, it has a large array of nice features that will make a great deal of difference in your life. Its two main selling points are: the battery is rechargeable, so you won’t need to spend too much money on batteries, and it’s approved by the FDA.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of hearing amplifiers that are not approved by the agency. What does this mean? It means they’re fake, of course; they weren’t made in concordance to the standards of these products, so they won’t be very good. The following are the features you should expect from the Banglijian Ziv-201:

  • check
    2 modes for quiet and noisy environments
  • check
    5 volume adjustments for each mode
  • check
    Rechargeable battery
  • check
    Fully recharged in 20 minutes
  • check
    Digital tone
  • check
    Comes with all the accessories you need
  • check
    1-year warranty
  • check
    2-month return policy

Considering it costs just a little above $100, we think this is quite a fine purchase to make.

Clarity is what you should pursue when you’re looking for a hearing amplifier. There are plenty of them that don’t have any sort of noise reduction feature whatsoever. Because of this, all the sounds around will be amplified.

You might think this is a perk, but it really isn’t. Imagine how much you’d struggle to understand the voice of the person that’s speaking with you over the crazy sonic chaos that’s amplified in your ear.

Fortunately, this model will allow you to hear a voice clearly. Thanks to its 2 modes and adjustable volume, it’s able to pick on both low-frequency and high-frequency sounds.

Due to having a rechargeable battery (that can last up to 15 hours, by the way), you won’t need to worry that it will run out precisely when you need the amplifier most.

Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Aid Rotation

Another nice thing about it is that it actually fits in both ears. Most manufacturers don’t make them like this because they hope you’ll buy 2 of them. It all boils down to the profit they can make off of your condition.

Lastly, we should mention that it can be worn comfortably even if you wear glasses. Again, there are more expensive products that don’t feel very nice if you’re a glass-wearer. Needless to say, this pretty much sells itself.

What Others Say

Ever since it first appeared, the Banglijian Ziv-201 has gotten plenty of “fans”, so to speak. People love the fact that it’s cheap but has great features, it’s comfortable and quite customizable.

As you might expect, battery life also came up as a praised aspect of this amplifier. Many people have a bone to pick with changing batteries, and understandably so since it can be so annoying to do it. This model saved them from that hassle.

One tiny complaint was in reference to the fact that sometimes it doesn’t bar all unwanted noises.

What We Liked

Pretty much what other people liked. We have tested many cheaper alternatives and have found that this truly stands out and offers real advantages. Apart from its price, we also like the fact that it has a noise reduction and volume adjustments.

In comparison with other hearing amplifiers, this comes with a full set of accessories, which is great, since purchasing them individually can be quite an expense.

What We Didn’t Like

There isn’t much we didn’t like about this model. There’s one thing, though, we should mention: some people found that the volume cannot be turned low enough in a very noisy environment.

We had no issue with that, but maybe it depends on the severity of one’s hearing loss problems.

Buying Advice

If you’re an online-shopping addict (who isn’t these days?), you should definitely consider getting this from Amazon. Not only that you’ll benefit from occasional discounts, but you’ll also get free shipping.

Banglijian Ziv-201 Hearing Aid


In some circumstances, the shipping of a product can cost half the sum of the product itself. That’s unrealistic and outrageous, to say the least. If you want to get without paying a dime on transportation, then keep Amazon in mind.

Moreover, you could get some promotions if you purchase more than one product. Again, this can cut a few digits out of the initial price.

Final Thoughts

People usually stay away from cheaper hearing amplifiers and other products, for that matter. In this case, they’re merely hurting their wallets, because cheaper products are not necessarily worse.

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, be it marginal or quite severe, you should obviously consider the Banglijian Ziv-201. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on hearing amplifiers that are no different from this, you could purchase the Ziv-201 instead.

If you’re not convinced that this is as fantastic as we’ve pictured it to be, you are free to do some research on your own. You’ll see that our review is backed by facts and there are hundreds of people that have used the item with great results.

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